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Privacy Policy

Gathered data.

This privacy statement applies to daas.us websites, services, products, and our domains that display these terms and collect data. If you are a simple visitor, we gather the following:

  • IP address where you are connecting from.
  • IP address or website where you are coming from or linked.
  • Type of web browser used to visit our website.
  • Operating system you use to visit our website.
  • Time and date of your visit.

How we use your data

The data gathered is used to improve our website, personalize experience, improve customer service, and measure the number of visitors. We will not capture any personally identifying information when you visit our website unless you provide that information. Any personal information provided such as name, email, phone number, or any data in our contact form, will be provided on a voluntary basis and will be used for initial contact depending of the nature of contact. Personal data will be collected when you register on our website or when we process any transaction. Our site(s) use cookies to know how you, the visitor, use our website, and what web pages you visit which that will be used to offer relevant information and administer our servers more efficiently. We may save some preferences and settings in cookies. Notice that cookies can be blocked or removed from your computer using browser settings. We will never give any information about you to others without your explicit permission. While you browse in our website(s), our advertisers, promotional partners or any other third party may use cookies or other technology to place the right advertising for you. You will have to refer to that third party about their privacy policy and cookie usage. Daas.us is not responsible for third party cookies and any complaint in regards to such must be addressed to that third party.

Information disclosed to third parties.

When we start the process of selling a domain, we use third party companies for different services. You will have to refer to those parties about their privacy policy for further details. We disclose such information to third parties such as our payment system and current domain registrar. Notice that once information is provided to the registrar, that information becomes public as required by the registrar in order to maintain the domain registration.

Your acceptance.

By using our website(s), you agree to our privacy policy and cookie usage.

Effective date: 6/13/2013